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Steering head bearings for motorcycles

With the attached parts list we offer assembly sets for steering head bearings as well as wheel bearings.

Each assembly set for steering head bearing consists of two taper roller bearings, two seal rings, adjusting washers, bearing grease and a detailed assembly instruction. The set can be assembled without any design changes on the motorcycle.

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Katalog Lenkkopflager

catalog, Version March 1st, 2014
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Advantages of the steering head bearing assembly with taper roller bearings

The bearing of the steering head with taper roller bearings will result in a stiffer bearing and by this in a higher stability of the motorcycle in acceleration, braking and turning into a corner.

During deceleration the stiffer bearing arrangement will allow the contact surface of the tire to the street (tread shuffle) to transmit the braking and steering forces precise. With a conventional bearing arrangement, sport driver operation characteristic and worn out or wrong set steering head bearings there may be an insufficient contact between tire and street. This may result in a lack of grip and may cause an accident.
The turning of the motorcycle into a corner will be more precise with the use of the taper roller bearing set. Rocking motion during strong acceleration of the motorcycle, that may be a result of a “soft” steering head bearing assembly, will be avoided by the use of the taper roller bearings.

The bearing lifetime of the taper roller bearings is even higher than the lifetime of the angular contact ball bearings because of the higher dynamic load rating of the taper roller bearings. The higher stiffness of the taper roller bearing arrangement is a result of the line contact of the rollers to the bearing raceways compared to the point contact of the balls to the raceways of the angular contact ball bearings.

The bearing of the steering head with taper roller bearings is a standard on old motorcycles as well as on racing motorcycles. On motorcycles with conventional steering head bearings the conversion to taper roller bearings often will be done on motorcycles that are driven in sportive driving characteristic. Considering the listed benefits it may make sense to change to taper roller bearing assembly also for street use.